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Thursday, May 4, 2017

spring break 2017

I love the red sandstone at Abo
I love the salt mission ruins.  Usually when we go visit we have the place to ourselves, to wander and be as loud and silly as we want.  Our day started out in sunshine, but the wind was pretty cold.  We made enough time to visit all 3 ruins this time, since it was our only trip on Spring Break where Dad could come.  

Even though the mission ruins are only 40 miles away from each other as the crow flies they are each made of different materiels and look quite unique.  

Gran Quivira

Quari, moments before it started sleeting on us
Our day ended in rain, and then when the sleet started to come down we ran for the van as fast as we could.  The kids all declared that I'm not allowed to plan family trips to national monuments anymore since the last 3 have all ended in inclement weather.  On the way home through all the tiny little villages on the other side of four hills we had rain, snow sleet, snow and then when we came down into Tijeras it became rain again.  Quite the day.  

Earlier in the week we took a day at the zoo and aquarium and botanical gardens.  Everything at the gardens was in bloom and just loverly.  
at the botanical gardens 

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